Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Authority plays a pivotal role in protecting lives and property; ensures safety in commercial and industrial premises and facilities, and maintains achievements and gains in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

ADCDA delivers highly professional services through highly qualified staff work effortlessly in partnership and cooperation with stakeholders, using stat-of-the-art equipment to spread the preventive and awareness culture.

Recognizing the importance of promoting performance levels; keeping in line with general policies of Abu Dhabi government, ADCDA is keen on adopting innovative methods in service delivery, through launching many innovative applications for civil defense services. Including digital transformation in accordance to Abu Dhabi government vision and future foresight for informed sustainable development in a safe inveriomnetn and creative methods for problem solving, ensure safe and honest information management and responsible using of social and digital  media communication means, in addition to employing “ future technology in all projects and programs serving main sectors in civil defense. Creating new opportunities to ensure UAE competitiveness and leading position in all fields including safety and protection, evacuation and rescue and contributing to ensure life quality and community well being
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