Civil Protection Sector: The Civil Protection Sector undertakes the responsibilities and tasks of the prevention and safety requirements and measures in residential, commercial, and industrial establishments and is responsible for applying engineering standards and international specifications in constructions and materials used in buildings and devices to achieve safety and security. The sector also supervises the activities of regular and sudden field inspection activities. Establishments and buildings using approved inspection systems aim to ensure the commitment of the various parties and parties concerned to apply the standards of prevention and protection from risks.

The civil protection sector consists of four geographical departments that serve the population and urban expansion at the Emirate of Abu Dhabi level. The industry also includes customer happiness centers in each of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Al Dhafra, as this sector has a direct relationship with members of society since the launch of any urban activity requires the approval of this sector to approve Engineering and technical plans for any new facility as well as periodic inspections to ensure compliance with prevention requirements and public safety requirements.

The civil protection sector includes a group of engineers qualified to supervise the application of safety and prevention standards and the application of specifications and codes required to establish any activity. These human cadres have received their education from universities and institutes specialized in implementing safety prevention and civil protection requirements. The inspectors working in the sector follow up on how economic and commercial establishments adhere to the specified requirements for every type of commercial activity.

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